Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Cards 2010

Though Christmas has clearly been and gone, I wanted to share a few photos of my Christmas cards that I made for 2010. As I don't really have many people in my life, but the people who I do have, (and received a pressie from me) don't usually get a card as I also like to make my own gift cards, which are usually a decent size anyway.
There is a down side and and upside to Christmas card making, (or any occasion really) the down side is I don't really have a reason to make many cards, like some do with so many to give out, and the upside is that at Christmas time, I don't have to stress and worry about getting them all done in time. A few hours is all I need in the holiday season.

With my first December Daily project being created, I decided to make a few simple cards last year as I had been more DD minded and found that I was quite busy with it. I actually found myself almost cutting it very close with timing. But I still enjoyed myself, and the recipients still loved them, which is those two factors are the most important!


Though it is only January, I have already brainstormed a few ideas for this Christmas, as I will be making a few more than what i did last year. And like a lot of people I guess, I like to do something different each year. As well as Christmas, this year will also be the year that I tap into my creativeness (much more than last year) and creative some really nice cards for the ones I love. As well as some of my close Internet friends who I have yet to met, but have been talking online for for 2-4 years. I know there are 2 who would love to receive a Valentines day card  :)

So until next time.........have fun.

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  1. Great cards Beke - love the clean, simple composition of them. :-)